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John Mambo -Steam-

Available demo by Iction Games     John Mambo is a frenetic Retro Arcade Game with an isometric top down view. Meet John, a one man army, crazy enough to embark on a dangerous mission in the heart of a jungle all by himself...      Video: Download demo, here Final version available: 15/12/23 Source:

Pico8: New Rally-X

 by MinionSoft     "New Rally-X" is a classic arcade game that was first released in 1981 by Namco. It is a maze-based racing game and is the sequel to the original "Rally-X." Play, here Source:

Xmas Gift - Arctic Atac -ZX Spectrum-

 Atic Atac mod by Allan Turvey     ' Artic Atac' is a fully modded Xmas version of Atic Atac as a gift for the community. Rebuild Santa's Sleigh and escape the Christmas Castle... and whilst it may not be the season, you will find plenty of easter eggs! Download, here Source:

Ziona Quest X : DEMO -ZX Spectrum-

 Ziona Quest X: TRAINING MISSION DEMO by IAMAI Creations   Brilliant platform game for ZX Spectrum   Classic Bruce Lee inspiration Download demo, here Source:

Galaga Remake -Play in Browser-

 by Neda Games     Destruye todas las naves invasoras y evita que te destruyan a ti  Galaga (Remake), es un hibrido entre Galaga y Space Invaders Play, aquí                         Fuente:  

NUTCA -ZX Spectrum-

 by Diego Pardal Participante Concurso Aventura 2023 by Bytemaniacos     Una aventura de texto desarrollada con el DAAD y con una historia muy atrayente: Es enero de 1770, la nave española Santiago zarpa del puerto de San Blas hacia el norte del Océano Pacífico... Disponible para ZX Spectrum Fuente: Bytemaniacos

La Isla de Ruth -ZX Spectrum-

 by Juan A. Fernández     Participante Concurso Aventura 2023 by Bytemaniacos   La Isla de Ruth es una aventura de texto de terror científico en la que despiertas, junto a varios compañeros, tras naufragar en una isla a causa de una tormenta, y disponible para el ZX Spectrum Fuente: Bytemaniacos

Blastopia DX - Special Edition -C64-

 Covermount game: A Special edition of the horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up by RichardTND   Blastopia is a fast paced horizontal scrolling space shoot 'em up which was originally written in 2018, It was made as part of a games development tutorial which is called  Assemble It Now, we are available the Special Edition Video:   Source:


 by Mananuk     LIMONCELLO'S REVENGE Desarrollado con el MPAGD de Jonathan Cauldwell     Mananuk ha conseguido darle un giro de tuerca a su personaje fectiche, El Mandarino, para conseguir un videojuego más pulido y con mejor aspecto visual que su antecesor Si te gusto la primera parte, esta secuela te atrapará... avisado estás Descarga, aquí Fuente:

Isa Brave -ZX Spectrum-

  by Tomasiano74     Autor: Tom Martín  Music : Joss      Arcade platform Made by MPAGD 36 screens  High difficulty Download, here Source:

Christmas Robin Simulator -ZX Spectrum-

 A Christmas game for ZX Spectrum 48k by saucerbrain     Cover art  by Gary Arnott  Fly around (you're a robin), avoid the falling snow, and collect the goodies     Download, here Source:

Escape From Retro Island -ZX Spectrum Next-

 Use your wits to escape from a dreaded fate! by Spriteworx     "Escape from Retro Island" is an immersive island adventure game that plunges you into a perilous quest to uncover a legendary treasure hidden on a mysterious and dangerous island. Navigate through treacherous landscapes while avoiding deadly encounters to escape before you run out of stamina. A new map is generated randomly every time the game is played providing endless challenges     Source:

El Culto -Amstrad CPC-

    Conversión de la versión The Cult de ZX Spectrum, para el Amstrad CPC por Tartessos Games y utilizando el MK1 de los Mojon Twins   Es muy de agradecer el esfuerzo de los desarrolladoras en portar sus juegos a diferentes plataformas, y más si se trata de videoaventuras tan excelsas como El Culto Descarga, aquí Fuente: AUA

Briley Witch Chronicles 2 (C64)

  Japanese-inspired RPG for the C64 by Sarah Jane Avory     Briley Witch Chronicles 2 is a Japanese-inspired RPG for the Commodore 64, based on the Briley Witch series of novels. This is the sequel to  Briley Witch Chronicles     Source:

The Ghosts of Blackwood Manor -ZX Spectrum and more...-

  An interactive Horror by Stefan Voght     The Ghosts of Blackwood Manor is an award-winning interactive horror from Stefan Vogt, the acclaimed author of Hibernated and The Curse of Rabenstein     Available: C64, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum NEXT, Amstrad PCW, Amiga, MSX... Source: