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Cracky -ZX Spectrum-

    Vuelve Inufuto a la carga con CRACKY, un juego muy arcade de su estilo y con un desarrollo multiplataforma, marca de la casa     Descarga diferentes versiones, aquí Fuente:

Venus the Flytrap -STEAM-

    In this side-scrolling insect shoot-em-up, originally released in 1990 for the Amiga, take on the role of a robotic fly, tasked with saving the world from hordes of mutant cybernetic killer insects. 50 platforming levels await, across 10 diverse worlds, plus bonus levels and more!      Originally released in 1990 for the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST computers, this side-scrolling platformer/shoot-em-up hybrid from prolific British developers Gremlin Graphics Source: STEAM

Soli Pong -C16-

 by Haegar of Synergy     SOLI PONG by Haegar of Synergy 2023 Commodore Basic 3.5 - Commodore C16/C116/plus4 The Game                          Soli-Pong is a small 10 line game in basic for 1 Players. You control your racket    Source:

Roguelike 10 -C64-

 by Bago Zonde     # Roguelike 10 This game was written for the Basic 10-Liner Contest 2023 in the PUR-80 category. It's written for Commodore 64/128 computers. ## Aim of the game As in all rogue-like games, your aim is to explore as many randomly generated dungeons as possible, not get slain and find as much gold as you can carry! Source:

Minimum Lunar Lander -ZX Spectrum-

 by zxpope   TEN-LINE MINIMAL LUNAR LANDER ============================= IDEA ---- The simulator objective is to land the spaceship on the word MOON. The ship has two engines P and Q, in the left+up vector and in the vector right+up. The engines allow to overcome the lunar gravity and move left/right the ship.  Landing is valid if the speeds vertical and horizontal are close to zero. Source:  Minimum Lunar Lander (ZX Spectrum) by zxpope by BASIC 10Liner (

Softly Softly Catchee Monkey - EQ -ZX Spectrum-

    The game is classic ' crap game ' faire, and would sit happily on Cassette 50. It has no loading screen, but a nice BASIC intro screen which make good use of a couple of well designed UDGs , and there is even a bit of a beeper tune.    You play Keeper Joe, and you must capture a monkey 'ninja' that has escaped. However the intro warns of 'complications'. What could these complications be, I wonder? Source:

ZX81 Slicer -ZX81-

    Slicer game, can you survive in one piece? Action  By AdrianPilko The aim of this small game is to reach the bottom of the screen, avoiding the constantly moving bars. Good luck! Source:

MSXdev23 #05 Super Ory 2 – Enigma

    Title: Super Ory 2 – Enigma Genre: Adventure, puzzle Author(s): Orazio Cacciola and Cristiano Polenta Medium: ROM 512KB Hardware requirements: MSX2   As sequel to Super Ory , Orazio’s Super Ory 2 – Enigma , is an adventure game with puzzles along the way. In this MSX2 game you’ll guide Ory, the hero of the story, on a journey through a wide variety of different vistas. Source: MSXdev23

Simon -Amstrad CPC-

  By Copper France SIMON This is very simple Simon game for the Amstrad CPC Source: Basic 10Liner Contest

StarRunner -Atari 8-Bit-

 by Eric Carr Author:   Eric Carr Language: FastBasic 4.6 Platform: Atari 8-bit Category: EXTREM-256 Source: Basic 10Liner Contest

The Classic Adventurer Special Edition 2023

  The Classic Adventurer is a bookazine dedicated to the golden era of text adventures. With visually stunning design, it contains meticulously researched articles with some of the biggest games and names in the genre Buy Special Edition 2023, here Free PDF Source:  The Classic Adventurer

10-Lignes 4en1 -Amstrad CPC-

By retropoke  Author: Philippe Moulin (retropoke) THE GAME : - It is 4 games in 1 that can be played with the JOYSTICK or the keyboard. - 100 A L(HEURE Avoid cars and do not drive in fields - ALPHABET RACER - Use the 4 arrow keys or the joystick to move around   Collect the letters of the alphabet in order   With each stage, the game becomes more and more difficult - TAQUIN CLASSIC - Use the 4 arrow keys or the joystick to move the letters   Reconstitute the alphabet in order as on the real game of TAQUIN - RETRO SQUASH - Use the [LEFT] and [RIGHT] arrow keys or the joystick   Bounce the ball to score maximum points   At the beginning, you are allocated 10 balls Source: Basic 10Liner Contest

Goody y Livingstone Supongo: los clásicos de Opera Soft vuelven a la vida

  Zerouno Games presenta el nuevo sello Retro Golden Age, que recopilará videojuegos de plataformas clásicas. El primer pack incluirá los títulos para Steam: Goody , Operation Alexandra y Livingstone Supongo. Tráiler: Los tres juegos estarán disponibles en una compilación llamada  Boomer Pack  a un precio de  14,99€  o  5,99€  por separado el próximo  viernes 31 de marzo  en  PC|Steam . Fuente:  Goody y Livingstone Supongo: los clásicos de Opera Soft vuelven a la vida (

Anunciado Toxic Crusaders en Steam

  Un beat´em´up con sabor a vieja escuela The Toxic Crusdaders return for all-new, all action beat´em´up for one to four players. Grab your mop, tutu and attitude, and get ready for clean up the mean streets of Tronaville, one radioactive goon at a time! Fecha lanzamiento, 2023 Fuente: Steam


Platform and arcade ZX Spectrum by Sequentia Soft  30 pantallas son las que forman el castillo del malvado Sjkaldi y el bosque del árbol Yggdradil. El mapa del juego para explorar, se compone de plataformas, pero también hay enemigos con los que tienes que luchar. Cada enemigo tiene sus puntos vitales. Por ejemplo, puedes bloquear flechas enemigas o golpes de espada con tu escudo. Luego con tu espada podrás acabar con ellos. Bosque, lava, pinchos, trampas, cuevas, piscinas de agua, salas de castillos, llaves, palancas, etc. El juego parece tener una estética muy clásica, pero  ambientado en los mitos nórdicos. Compra, aquí Fuente:  STORM OVER VALHALLA